Top SEO ranking factors, Strategies, and Trends to rank #1 on Google search

Do you really want to enhance your website ranking on Google? You are at the right place. On Google search algorithm, there are plenty of ranking factors. But, we focus on the most important factors for higher SEO ranking.

Listed below are very useful and valuable techniques for improving your Website’s Google ranking.

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Important Ranking factors

1 – Website Speed: The most important part of SEO strategy is Website speed optimization that will boost your rank on Google. Google takes page load speed as the most significant consideration in their algorithm of Website Ranking. Due to low website speed, there may be fewer page views, user dissatisfaction as well as loss in CTR. It may cause a huge bad impact on driving sales and attracting users. Users may leave your website if they have to wait for some extra time for page load. This, in turn, reduces the number of webpages viewed and also increases the bounce rate. So, for improving your website speed, do the following things:

  • Minimize HTTP requests
  • Optimize your image size
  • Defer JavaScript loading
  • No need to use plugins
  • Monitor your website speed on Mobile and Desktop

Tools  – PageSpeed Insights

Website Page speed Ranking factor

2 – Mobile-Friendly: Nowadays, approximately 70% of searches are made on mobiles. Due to this reason, Google rank mobile-optimized websites higher than those are not mobile-friendly. For optimizing the mobile site, make sure that you are using a mobile responsive site with compressed code. In addition, it is always better to eliminate the unnecessary content for increasing the speed of page load.

Various tips for optimizing your site for mobile search are as follows:

  • Use responsive Web design
  • Reduce excess content
  • Improve page load speed
  • Create Accelerated mobile pages

Tools – Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tools

Website Mobile Friendly Check

3 – Unique Content: Unique content is the imperative factor for getting a higher rank on the search engine as no one loves scrapped, duplicated or spinned content. It is only the content that web users find helpful, engaging, informative and entertaining. The unique content helps in increasing the website traffic and also improves the site’s relevance and authority. It is always better to update the content regularly in order to keep it fresh. However, if it is copied or scraped from other indexed pages, then it won’t rank well.

Duplicate Content Issue

4 – Keyword Replacement: Keyword replacement is the most vital part of SEO during content writing. Putting the correct keyword at right place helps in increasing the Google ranking. First of all, select the accurate keyword and then place it in the title, URL, heading tags and Meta tags as well. For better search engine results, better to use 2 or 3 keywords twice or thrice in the whole content.

keyword placement in page content

5 – Image Optimization: The main factor of ranking is Image optimization as no one wants the web content without images, any visual or video content. One of the easy and best ways of reducing image file size is to crop your image to the accurate size. Also, you can use special online services that help to compress the image size in order to optimize it. You can also add plugins for your CMS such as WP Smush used for WordPress for achieving a higher rank on Google.

Image Alt Optimization in SEO

6 – Heading Tag H1 to H6 Tag: In Google ranking Algorithm, the H1 tag is very impactful and is used for headers. The keywords used in the h1 tag helps in improving the keyword ranking. H1 tag is utmost important and comes after the title. Using the best keywords in Heading 1 will help in top ranking on Google search engine.

Heading Tag Optimization in SEO

7 – Meta Tag: Under the title, there is a Meta description that tells what your site is all about. You should use enhanced Meta keywords and Meta descriptions for top Google ranking. When any user searches the keyword on Google, your content will show first if you put the correct Meta tags. So, a better Meta tag will improve Google ranking rapidly.

8 – Anchor Tag: The anchor text is basically the hyperlinked text that redirects to your website. It also includes some implication in terms of Google ranking. If any page gets lots of Backlinks with exact coordinated anchor text, it becomes the influential ranking signal and thus, helps in appearing at top searches for that precise term.

9 – SSL Certificate: Http security is the most important ranking signal. Google helps in boosting the site that has secure Http version. The sites having high volume keywords and using the secured protocol are most efficient. Also, you make sure that the SSL certificate is properly installed for your site. For obtaining this, you can hire a skilled and experienced web developer that helps you in making the required transitions for higher ranking. So, you must have the SSL certificate for ranking higher on Google.

SSL Certificate

10 – Backlinks: Backlinks are the links mentioned on the web that spot your webpages. They are considered as the most important ranking signals. The more Backlinks on your webpages, the higher ranking you will receive for your site more quickly. Moreover, Backlinks are the foremost quality indicator. So, better to focus on getting good backlinks through guest posting, making videos, leaving comments on some other blogs, creating Infographics, etc. In addition, Blogger outreach is another way of acquiring new Backlinks to your websites. In this, you have to create quality content and link it to another blogger. If they find your content useful and relevant to their readers, then definitely they will link back to your websites.

11 – Internal Linking: Internal linking is generally a linking on target keywords within the body of webpages. So, using the accurate internal linking helps to boost the Google ranking at a higher level. For Internal linking, the best way is to link the related posts only as it connects your page content and helps Google to give an idea of your site structure. It is helpful in getting Backlinks from your own published blogs as well as get better Google ranking. Moreover, it will also improve the bounce rate. However, avoid too much internal linking as it may spoil your keyword ranking.